Program The PolNor 2019 Call: III edition of EEA and Norway grants; The Program 'Applied Research' in the frame of Norway Grants 2014-2021 POLNOR 2019 (NOR POLNOR/CellMat4ever/0063/2019-00).

Project acronym: CellMat4ever
Project title: Innovative fire- and water resistant cellulose-based material
Project Promoter
: The National Centre of Research and Development
Project duration: 1 November 2020 – 30 April 2024
Project Leader: Poznań University of Life Sciences

Principal Investigator: Prof. dr hab. Bartłomiej Mazela (;

The project is carried out as part of a consortium that includes:

The aim of the project is to develop bio-based innovation systems from forestry biomass intended for production of advanced lignocellulosic materials being resistant to variation in air humidity and temperature and/or fire conditions. The idea is to estimate the influence of carbon nano- and micro- molecules on the thermal degradation process. The second assumption of the project is to develop a technology for chemical modification of lignocellulosic material to increase water resistance. The idea is to estimate the influence of different kinds of silanes and natural polymers on hygroscopicity and absorptivity of materials. The assumption of the project is the use of wood and paper and their modification with carbon micro- and nano-particles in order to obtain an innovative material with increased resistance to fire and heat radiation and maximizing the coefficient of dimensional stability of wood and lignocellulosic materials. Following specific goals will be realized::

• Manufacturing innovative modified lignocellulosic materials (wood or paper) with improved fire resistance by the modification with different sources of carbon of lignocellulosic materials and fire properties characterization of new materials (Work Package 1).

• Preparation hydrophobic lignocellulosic materials and evaluation of hydrophobic properties of the manufactured materials (Work Package 2).

• Creation new products from secondary wood products, either via pressing or molding with using wood by products or modified wood by products together with other chemicals (Work Package 3).

• Hydrophobization of board surface and reduction of BCT (box compression test) loss of corrugated board transport packaging during high humidity exposure (Work Package 4).

• The overarching goal of this task is to develop a new technology for innovative material manufacturing to the 6th level of technological readiness (TRL6) (Work Package 5).

Project - Genesis

Sustainable development, guaranteeing the innovative and safe practices in building and wood industry, has been an unquestioned priority within the last decades and it may be explained first of all by environmental aspects. Forest biomass is of great importance of green development of the world. Lignocellulosic material (wood, wood-based products, paperboard, paper etc.) is the main structural, building and packaging material with its wide spectrum of applications. However, its flammability and high water absorbability brings the hidden danger to our lives and products properties. Manufacture of lignocellulosic products, also bio-based innovation systems including ecological forest and wood protection, needs to be focused on. Use of wood or paper instead of concrete, steel or plastic in a building industry saves energy and thus reduces emission of CO2 in the production process. Extension of life for wood or lignocellulosic material products due to appropriate wood protection against water or fire action will facilitate control of life cycle of the products and reduced CO2 emission.

Program PolNor 2019 Call  - Genesis*

“The Programme ‘Applied Research’ has been established under the priority sector Innovation, Research, Education and Competitiveness. The objective of Programme ‘Applied Research’ is to enhance performance of Polish applied research in Poland through improved research cooperation between Poland and Norway. The cooperation is to be based on equal partnerships between Norwegian and Polish research institutions and enterprises. The call will support the establishment of long-term strategic partnerships between research institutions and enterprises in Norway and Poland through large bilateral research projects in order to enhance the quality of scientific outputs, upgrade the international visibility of Polish science, establish public-private partnerships, reinforce the links between innovation, research and education and boost innovation. The aim of the Programme is to prepare Project Promoters, project partners and researchers for further research cooperation within the European Framework Programmes for research and technological development and demonstration activities as well as for cooperation within other European programmes and initiatives. The Programme contributes to the development of the European Research Area.

Expected results of POLNOR 2019 Call for Proposals are:

  • enhanced cooperation between the Polish and Norwegian partners involved in projects with the aim for building cooperation for future activities,
  • support to technology transfer, sharing experiences and best practices between science and enterprises,
  • development of new products and technologies,
  • internationally refereed joint publications in the best journals (quality publications available in open access will be promoted),
  • active involvement of young researchers in the projects.”

Thematic areas

  • Welfare, health and care,
  • Digital and industry,
  • Food and natural resources,
  • Energy, transport and climate,
  • Social and economic development,
  • Unmanned vehiclec